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Perú: MTC publishes a Ministerial Resolution for modification of the National Frequency Plan.
March 18, 2021

On March 13th, 2021, MTC published the draft Ministerial Resolution which seeks to modify some important notes and the Frequency Allocation Table of the National Frequency Allocation Plan – PNAF. These modifications were approved by Ministerial Resolution Nº 187-2005-MTC/03 and Article 1 and Annex of Ministerial Resolution Nº 777-2005- MTC/03.

  • Some of the important changes to be taken to keep in mind in relation to Notes are as follows:
    470 – 692 MHz band for use of broadcasting white spaces (TVWS): would be used on a secondary basis to connect rural areas, could be used for point-to-point or multipoint radio links
  • Bands 21.4 -22 GHz, 24.25 – 25.25 GHz, 25.25 – 27.5 GHz, 31 -31.3 GHz, 38 – 39.5 GHz, 47.2 – 47.5 GHz, 47.9 – 48.2 GHz for High-altitude platform systems (HAPS) use on a secondary basis to provide connectivity in rural areas.
  • Bands 5925 -6425 MHz for use of unlicensed technologies such as WIFI6E on a secondary basis, includes three phases of implementation, initially for indoor use.
  • Band 24.25 – 27.50 GHz for international mobile telecommunications services -IMT with next-generation technologies such as 5G. As well as the proposed distribution of radio channels in 50 MHz bandwidths under a TDD duplexing scheme.

The Ministry will be receiving comments within 15 days of publication (until March 28th, 2021). These comments should be sent to the headquarters of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) addressed to the Dirección General de Políticas y Regulación en Comunicaciones, located at Jirón Zorritos N° 1203, Cercado de Lima or by email to