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MEXICO: IFT Released New Homologation Guidelines
December 29, 2021

After publishing the adjusted PEC (Conformity Assessment Procedure) on Dec 27th, IFT has released today  (Dec 29th) the new homologation guidelines applicable to the telecommunications products or broadcasting, connected to a telecommunications network or using the radio spectrum. These guidelines will enter into force on June 29th, 2022, granting a transition period of 180 days after its publication and voiding any previous years regulatory framework for homologations  In general, the process displayed by this new framework implies that IFT is getting rid of paperwork and introducing electronic systems to handle the full certification process, including digital signatures. 

We identified the following relevant key points
1. New definitions of Certification Routes and Types: Certificate Type A: For products whose radio interfaces fall 100% under Mexican IFT Technical Provisions.

Certificate Type B: For products that don’t have any interface under the scope of Mexican IFT Technical Provision.

Certificate Type C: For products that contain radio interfaces under Type A and products under Type B.
2. New process for registration of devices formally exempted from homologation.

There are exemptions for: 

  • Products considered inherently conforming 
  • Products designed for ISM applications
  • Products for Trials and Events
  • Products for Telecom infrastructure 

3. Certificates validity for all certificate types will be indefinite, subject to the following conditions:
For Type A certs, random surveillance is defined in the PEC.
For Type B and C, on top of the surveillance, there will be a mandatory verification step 21 months after the issuance of the certificate

The newly published homologation framework reinforces some important and mandatory details of the homologation, such as: 

  • Homologation for all types of radio, telecom, and broadcasting equipment 
  • Label requirement for certified equipment. 
  • Homologation certificates can be granted only to Mexican companies.

The regulation contains 4 important appendices: 
Appendix A: Sets all the requirements for product approval
Appendix B: Contains a classification of products and their associated standards or technical provisions
Appendix C: Shows the application forms
Appendix D: Establishes the format for the Technical Opinion (Perito Dictamen) 

Type Approval impacted? Yes, the regulatory framework in general with relevant updates for the process from start to end
Spectrum Impacted: No
Imports Impacted: Yes
Standards Impacted: No
Product Impact: Yes. Telecom Equipment, Radio Equipment, Broadcasting Equipment, ISM