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MEXICO: IFT Publishes Public Consultation for Technical Operational Conditions of the 57-64 GHz Frequency Band
March 18, 2021

On March 16th, IFT has published the Public Consult for Preliminary Draft for the update of the technical operational conditions of the frequency band 57-64 GHz, classified as a free spectrum.

The main objectives of the Preliminary Project are:

1) Update the technical operational conditions for motion sensors that could make use of the 57-64 GHz frequency band (57-64 GHz band), to promote the deployment of new technology related to motion.
2) Manage and promote the efficient use of the radioelectric spectrum in the 57-64 GHz band.
3) Promote access to new telecommunications technologies and services using the 57-64 GHz band.
4) Increase harmonization in the use of the radioelectric spectrum for motion sensors in the 57-64 GHz band, based on best international practices and existing technological advances.
5) Encourage technological innovation in the country.
6) Promote competition in the telecommunications market for the 57-64 GHz band, to achieve further development in the sector. From March 17th until April 20th, IFT will receive the comments, opinions, and contributions that are had in relation to the content of the Preliminary Project through the following email address, or, by letter in their main address that you may find instructions in the original document.