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MEXICO: Annual Program for 2022 Frequency Bands Use
September 13, 2021

On September 10th, IFT issued the Annual Program for the Use and Exploitation of Frequency Bands 2022, to promote the efficient use of the radioelectric spectrum and the introduction of new telecommunications and broadcasting services. Here are the bands related to telecommunications services:
-Trunked radio: 415 – 420/425 – 430 MHz (Public service)
-Trunked radio: 806 – 814/851 – 859 MHz  (Public service)
-Mobile communication: 824-849/869 – 894 MHz (Social service)

There is spectral availability for public use in the frequency bands:
– Band 415-420 / 425-430 MHz. The Program contemplates the inclusion for public use for the operation of specialized radiocommunication systems for fleets.
– Band 806-814 / 851-859 MHz. The Program contemplates its inclusion for public use for trunked radio applications for public security and for mission-critical applications for public use. For Social Use, contemplates the inclusion of various portions of spectrum within the segment known as the 850 MHz cellular bands. they are between 824-825 MHz and 845-849 MHz, for the uplink and between 869-870 MHz and 890-894 MHz, for the downlink. The foregoing, in order for the interested parties to be aware that there is spectral availability for social use. The Institute will initiate the public bidding processes for the granting of concessions of Frequency Bands for Commercial Use for the telecommunications service, during the last quarter of 2022.

You can see more details in the attached pdf.

Type approval affected? No
Spectrum: Yes
Allocation: Yes
Imports: No
Standards: No
Does it affect label requirements? No
Does it affect user manual requirements? No
What are the bands affected/impacted by this new regulatory update?
415-420 / 425-430 MHz
806-814 / 851-859 MHz
824-849 / 869-894 MHz
Type of technology or services affected? Specialized fleet radio communication Trunked radio service