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MALAWI: MACRA Reports Consultation Type Approval Regulations
September 28, 2021

The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has concluded public consultations on the Communications (Type Approval) Regulations and Type Approval Fees. MACRA commenced the consultation process in June 2020 by publishing a draft of the Regulations and the fees inviting stakeholders and the general public to submit written comments. Through the type approval process, MACRA ensures that electronic equipment meets applicable standards to allow interoperability of communication networks and equipment and to protect public health. The Communications (Type Approval) Regulations were therefore developed to complement the Act and provide for processes for type approval of electronic equipment by MACRA.

Type approval affected? Yes
Spectrum: No
Allocation: No
Imports: Yes (the Authority is going to constitute a register of all imports, distributes or supplies of electronic equipment in the country)
Standards: Yes
Does it affect label requirements? (If yes, explain) Yes, use of identification mark:
(1) A grantee of the type approval shall cause the identification mark issued under regulation 7 to be permanently affixed to the electronic equipment in a manner that an identification mark is readily visible.
(2) Where it is not possible to affix an identification mark on the electronic equipment due to the physical characteristics of such equipment, a grantee of type Use of identification mark approval shall cause the identification mark to be affixed on the packaging of the electronic equipment or its user manual
(5) The identification mark shall contain – (a) the logo of the Authority; (b) the model of the equipment; (c) the alphanumeric identifications of the equipment; and (d) any information as determined by the Authority.
(6) The Authority may, at the request of a grantee of a type approval issue an identification mark instead of a printed identification mark.
(7) A grantee of a type approval may, upon approval by the Authority, use an identification mark in place of a physical identification mark in which case he shall indicate in his request how the e-identification mark will be displayed on the electronic equipment.
(8) A grantee of a type approval shall ensure that the identification mark issued under these Regulations is not altered.
(9) A grantee of a type approval shall display the e-identification mark using at least one of the following methods- (a) during the equipment’s power-up sequence; (b) under the equipment’s system information page; or (c) under the help menu on the equipment.
Does it affect user manual requirements? (If yes, explain) No
What are the bands affected/impacted by this new regulatory update? No
Type of technology affected? None