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EQUATORIAL GUINEA: Signature and Seal Falsified – Certificate Validity Has Not Been Changed
September 7, 2021

As confirmed to Entirety by the Equatoguinean regulatory authority, the certificate validity will be kept at 3 years, as the law stipulates a three-year validity period that cannot be changed unilaterally by the entity, as a response to reports by different media outlets and actors stating the validity had changed to 2 years. Certificates have been issued with a 2-year validity, and a document signed and sealed by the Equatoguinean regulator announcing the change had been shared, but Entirety has been able to confirm this has been a series of misunderstandings from the regulator and other actors within the African compliance world. The website of the regulator is currently being migrated, which also made it difficult to obtain official confirmation from the Regulator.

Previous regulation published by Entirety related to this news can be found here.

Type approval affected? No
Spectrum: No
Allocation: No
Imports: No
Standards: No
Does it affect label requirements? No
Does it affect user manual requirements? No
What are the bands affected/impacted by this new regulatory update? No
Type of technology affected? No