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COLOMBIA: ANE Publish Public Consultation on 900 MHz Frequency Band for Comments
November 17, 2021

The National Spectrum Agency (ANE) released a public consultation on the 900 MHz frequency band for comments from the interested parties.

The proposal presents the current situation of national attributions and assignments for the 900 MHz band (894 – 960 MHz) and the authority is looking to receive comments about the implemented services and possible new developments or exploitation models of these frequencies. The document considers the scenario of multiple countries and in the last section, they propose two possible attribution scenarios for this band. This specific item is the core of the consultation, where there are two scenarios and the questionnaire the Authority is asking to resolve.

The public consultation is open until November 22, 2021. Contributions and comments can be submitted through the following channels:

Email and at the ANE offices located at Calle 93 # 17 – 45 Piso 4 in the city of Bogotá.

Type Approval affected? No
Spectrum Impacted: Yes, 894 to 960 MHz
Imports Impacted: No
Standards Impacted: N/A
Product ImpactRFID products, Short Range Devices, IMT Devices (Band 8)