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CANADA: ISED Launch RSS-248 for Radio Local Area Network (RLAN) Devices Operating in 5925-7125 MHz Band – WiFi 6E
November 20, 2021

On November 19th, 2021, the Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED) officially launched the Radio Standards Specification RSS-248, issue 1, for Radio Local Area Network (RLAN) Devices in the 5925-7125 MHz Band, it sets out the certification requirements for license-exempt low-power RLAN devices operating indoors in the 5925-7125 MHz frequency band which is used for WiFi 6E Technology.

Technical requirements:
1. Frequency band: 5925-7125 MHz frequency band.
2. Occupied bandwidth: shall not exceed 320 MHz.
3. Power limits for devices other than client devices: The maximum e.i.r.p. PSD is 5 dBm/MHz; and the maximum e.i.r.p. is 30 dBm.
4. Power limits for client devices: maximum e.i.r.p. PSD is 1 dBm/MHz; and the maximum e.i.r.p. is 24 dBm. Contention-based protocol:
1. It will be accepted KDB procedures listed on ISED’s Certification and Engineering Bureau website;
2. Devices shall use a contention-based protocol to detect the presence of any emissions on the channel that the device intends to occupy. Operational requirements Devices shall not be used for control of or communications with unmanned aircraft systems.

For devices other than client devices, the following requirements shall apply:
Operation shall be limited to indoor use only; and Operation on oil platforms, cars, trains, boats, and aircraft shall be prohibited except for on large aircraft flying above 10,000 ft in the 5925-6425 MHz band. This standard is already in force.

Type Approval affected? No
Spectrum Impacted: Yes, 5925-7125 MHz Band for WiFi 6E technology
Imports Impacted: No
Standards Impacted: Yes, a new standard was released: RSS-248
Product Impact: None