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BRAZIL: ANATEL issues new Public Consult n.11 about Operational Procedure for Declaration of Conformity using Test Reports
March 31, 2021

It was published on March 23rd, 2021, at the Public Consultation ANATEL system called SACP, the Public Consult n. 11, that brings topics for discussion in regards of a new Operational Procedure for an Evaluation model of approval called Declaration of Conformity using Test Reports. This Operating Procedure will establish the rules and documents for evaluating the conformity of telecommunications products using the evaluation model by Declaration of Conformity with Test Report, as provided in the Regulations for Conformity Assessment and Approval of Telecommunications Products (Resolution 715 of October 2019) and in the Reference List of Telecommunications Products (Act 7280 of November 2020).

This evaluation model will be applied to the following types of device:
• Radiobroadcasting Equipment
• Radiocommunication Signal Blocker (BSR) Equipment
• Rising to Earth Station Converter
• RF Power Amplifier for Earth Station, Modem for Earth Station and
Digital Modulator (for Earth Station)
• Satellite SMM Transceiver, Mobile Satellite Transceiver
• Earth Station Transmitter and Transceiver (except SMM)
• Transceiver for Automatic Ship Identification System, Radio Beacon
• Radar Transponder (SART)
• Some fiber optical equipment
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