Issues with the configuration of the device while performing UHF Tests

There were some issues with the configuration of the device to perform the UHF tests. In this opportunity, we were able to reconstruct the procedure that was done in a previous similar project executed by a different lab. Entirety’s Intervention was necessary since the Company’s personnel Involved In the first project were not at the company anymore. The collaboration between the two laboratories and Entirety’s ability to find the configuration files and Instructions that were provided at that time helped the technicians involved in the new project to find a solution.

Homologation process close to being delayed for having non-allowed bands

To finish the homologation process, it was necessary to submit a new letter where the customer was committing to voiding the non-allowed bands. In this opportunity, due to Entirety’s local contacts inside the country, the letter arrived at the regulator the same day that the customer sent It to Entirety. This made it possible to have the certificate on time for our customers.

Samples not able to adapt to conducted tests

Due to the size and characteristics of the product of our client, it was not possible to adapt the samples for conducted tests. Entirety was able to find a solution for our customer at a different lab accredited to perform radiated test than the original planned in order to overcome the current constraints. Entirety was able to continue with the homologation as planned without impacting the total lead time.

Reducing the number of tests and samples: lowering total cost and time

Our customer was seeking to certify for the first time in Brazil. The first alternative for the homologation was to have three different certificates requiring a high number of samples and testing. Entirety was able to identify the second attentive with a different locus which reduced the number of certificates and lowered the number of tests and samples required.