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SAUDI ARABIA: Public Consultation on ​Radio Spectrum Allocation and Use Regulation for WLAN Applications

The CITC is calling for public consultation on “Radio Spectrum Allocation and Use Regulation for WLAN Applications”. The document introduces updates to the allocation and use regulations of the WLAN frequency bands in Saudi Arabia […]

BRAZIL: ANATEL Launched Act 3939 Procedures to Obtain DoC
June 10, 2021

Anatel has increased the number of equipment that are accepted declaration of conformity (DoC) on Act nº 7280 of November 26th of 2020. To guarantee spectrum protection against harmful interference and to avoid problems related to […]

AZERBAIJAN: Azintelecom Not Shown in The List of Certification Bodies on Accreditation Center Website

Azintelecom is not shown in the list of Certification Bodies on the website of the Accreditation Center. According to the information from the Accreditation Center (AzAK) the accreditation of Azintelecom has expired and therefore Azintelecom officially does […]

BRAZIL: ANATEL Surpassed 1 Million Mark for Non-Certified Telecommunication Products Seized in One Year.
June 9, 2021

Anatel overcame the mark of one million telecommunications products inspected and identified as non-certified, seized in one year. The main products retained by Anatel and the Federal Revenue of Brazil were cell phone chargers, Wi-Fi […]

QATAR: Class License for Short Range Devices – Version 4
June 2, 2021

On May 19th, 2021, The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) published a class license for short-range devices in order to cope with recent technological developments and to follow the resolutions and recommendations of the World Radiocommunication Conference […]

MEXICO: IFT Issues Public Consultation to Discuss The Classification and Use of Frequency Band 5925-7125 MHz

On May 27th 2021, IFT has published a new Public Consult, in order to discuss the classification of frequency band 5925-7125 MHz as free spectrum and its technical conditions. The main objectives of the Public […]

MEXICO: IFT Publishes Public Consultation to Update The National Frequency Allocation Chart

On May 31 st 2021, IFT has published a new Public Consult on a Preliminary Project basis, in order to discuss the update of the National Frequency Allocation Chart. The main objectives of the Preliminary […]

NEW ZEALAND: RSM Launches Public Consultation Regarding The Planning for WLAN Use in The 6 GHz
June 1, 2021

On June 1st, 2021, the Radio Spectrum Management Authority (RSM) from New Zealand, released a project to study and consider the use of radio spectrum from 5925 MHz – 7125 MHz. The project consists of […]